Special Events Booking

Tasha Smith Godinez


Please read the guidelines below if considering hiring a harpist for your event.

Date and Time:
Please include the date, time, and length of the event when you are contacting by email.  

Choosing the music for your wedding ceremony is not always easy.  Here are a few guidelines that may help you along:

When do you want the music?
There are a few different options for having a harpist provide music at your wedding. 

Prelude music as guests are arriving and being seated.  This provides a nice
ambiance for your guests and something to enjoy as they wait for the                   
ceremony to begin.

Ceremony music This is sometimes the most difficult decision to make.  What music do you want during the ceremony?  Some choose to have a very traditional wedding ceremony and want the traditional "wedding songs" while other couples want to have songs that are meaningful to them or that they just find absolutely beautiful.

Postlude music after the ceremony as guests leave.  This music serves the same
purpose as the prelude music but as the guests are leaving.

Cocktail hour  If you are planning to have a cocktail hour after your ceremony,
harp music can often provide the perfect ambiance.  

What style of music do you want?

Style of music desired:
Be sure to specify if there is a certain style of music that you prefer for your event.  For a complete list of Tasha's repertoire please see the "repertoire" link.  If you do not specify, the harpist will choose a mixture of her repertoire that seems to fit the ambiance of the event.

Do you want a special song?
If you have any special requests please let the harpist know in sufficient time that
she may find and learn the music.  A harpist will generally not accept special requests
(songs not in their repertoire list) made within 2 weeks of the event.  

Do you prefer to have solo harp or a chamber ensemble?
Not sure you want solo harp music for your event?  Consider a chamber ensemble
instead of harp solo.  A few great instrumental combinations including harp are:
harp & violin, harp duo, harp & flute, harp & cello, and harp & contrabass.  Ms.
Smith Godínez can arrange any of these combinations for your events - so simply ask for
the ensemble of your choice when contacting her.

Q: Will harpists perform outdoors?

Yes!  However there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Harpists will generally not perform in conditions/locations that could potentially damage their instrument.  

Please consider this when contacting for events.  If an event is held outdoors, sufficient shade and ground covering must be provided as direct sun and moist ground (grass and dirt) can damage the harp.  There is a $100 per hour increase in fees for outdoor events.