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Tasha Smith Godinez @ The Monk Space, Los Angeles, California

"The world premiere of In the Village of Hope (2013), by Michael Byron was next, performed by harpist Tasha Smith Godínez, who commissioned the work. This is an ambitious piece, full of constant motion but with an engaging and exotic character. It has a soft, Asian feel and the steady patter of notes fall like raindrops in a warm tropical shower. A light melody in the upper registers is joined in masterful counterpoint below, and the piece glides delicately through several key changes as it continuously unfolds. Listening to the Cold Blue recording of this piece one imagines that the harpist would be a great flurry of motion – but the technique of Tasha Smith Godínez in this performance was superb; her graceful fingers never seemed hurried or her movements labored. The tones from her harp were clear and strong; the lively acoustics of Monk Space made them almost seem amplified. A drier acoustic environment might have served to bring out the intricate texture more clearly. Michael Byron, who was in attendance, admitted to a certain trepidation when he turned in the imposing score, but Ms.Godínez never asked for any changes or modifications and proved more than equal to the task in this performance. In the Village of Hope is a profoundly impressive work, in both its vision and realization."

Garcia Godinez @ Dizzy's Jazz Club, San Diego

"The performance of the duo was captivating in its sonic variety, the combination is so unique. When one thinks of the harp in a duo setting you usually see a flute, but, here you see/hear an arresting family of percussion instruments. Did it work? Oh yes it did.  The audience was both amazed and delighted with the variety of sounds that they heard.  Bravo to the virtuosity of Tasha Smith Godinez and the sensitive percussion playing of maestro Christopher Garcia.  Garcia also made some insights into the instruments he played without sounding too ethnological. It was a great evening.
Come back soon. Keep on keeping on."

Maestro of the contra bass

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Harp music can provide a beautiful and sophisticated ambiance for any event. 

With over 20 years of experience, Tasha Smith Godínez is a highly qualified musician.

Tasha Smith Godínez

Garcia Godinez Duo


An avid soloist and chamber musician, Tasha Smith Godínez performs throughout San Diego and internationally.